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Hotel in Budapest: benefits of a hotel for international students

Budapest has many great universities and fun programs, so no wonder a lot of international university students choose the capital of Hungary. What’s more, as an international student you can stay in a hotel in Budapest that is built specifically for students. Let’s see what benefits it can give you.

Well-equipped student hotel in Budapest

Contrary to a student hostel, these hotels contain all the equipment that a student needs to live in comfort. We can almost call the rooms smaller apartments.

The rooms have fully equipped kitchenette and even air-condition. Every room has an own bathroom, so you don’t need to share 2 or 3 showers in the corridor with others. And you don’t have to be waiting for long for the toilet either. The rooms have a working desk with a chair of course, so you can use the bed only for sleeping and other comfy stuff, intstead of learning and writing your homeworks.

Modern and trendy

It is important how the room you live in looks like. It can affect your studies and mood, and of course it’s better to invite friends to a cool looking room. A student hotel in Budapest has rooms that are trendy, look great, so you can feel good all the time.

These hotels are not just about rooms, but also about having fun. A gym and a room with pool table and other games can be used as well.

The location

Hotels built for students are located in the best districts of the city that are in the center of Budapest. That means you can easily get to your uni, to the store or places to hang out with friends and party in the weekends, or even to a shopping mall. Everything is close to you.